Slider Weekly Spotlight — 05 September 2019

Labor Day Weekend comes and goes faster every year, but Summer isn’t over yet! The last official day isn’t until the end of September, so take advantage of your chance to enjoy your favorite summer brews while you still can. Keep the season going with these 16 beers and ciders perfect for savoring the last couple weeks of the Summer!

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1. River Horse Summer Blonde

A light, refreshing ale that is easy to drink, yet complex. Perfect for the warmer months. ABV: 4.5%


2. Bell’s Oberon Ale

Oberon is a wheat ale fermented with our signature house ale yeast, mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas. The addition of wheat malt lends a smooth mouthfeel, making it a classic summer beer. Made with only 4 ingredients, and without the use of any spices or fruit, Oberon is the color and scent of sunny afternoon. ABV: 5.8%


3. Flying Dog Dead Rise

Our most-piloted beer to date is brewed with the rugged spirit of the Chesapeake Bay watermen. Born in the heart of crab country, Dead Rise started as a gose, highlighting the bold spiciness of Maryland’s most beloved culinary staple: OLD BAY seasoning. Over the years, Dead Rise has evolved into an easy-drinking blonde ale, perfect for backyard BBQs, deck parties, and sunny summer days drifting aimlessly on the water in a speedboat that’s run out of gas. The combination of lemon peel and Cascade and Citra hops make this beer the perfect sidekick for seafood, seafood, seafood, and also seafood. ABV: 5.5%


4. Great Divide Roadie Grapefruit Radler

ROADIE GRAPEFRUIT RADLER was named both for the road biking cyclist (roadie) and the German word for cycling (radler) and inspired by Great Divide’s roots in the cycling community. Brewed with natural grapefruit puree, this easy-drinking ale pours a hazy sunrise gold and is bursting with citrus aroma. Unique in its class, this Radler is refreshing and slightly tart, with just enough bitterness to keep both cyclists and spectators coming back for more. ABV: 4.2%


5. Bronx Summer Pale Ale

The intense summer heat in the concrete jungle is like no other. And finding the perfect cold beverage is a rite of passage for New Yorkers when the city starts to simmer. With Bronx Summer, we hope to make it that much easier. We brew it with citrus hops and lemon peel making it a refreshing remedy for keeping cool when the city starts to sweat. ABV: 5.2%


6. 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

Like Lady Liberty, we stand for independence and perseverance. In the pursuit of innovative beer, there is no obstacle too great. No journey too long. No fruit too gigantic. This American wheat beer is brewed with real watermelon, for a flavor that’s surprisingly crisp, dry and refreshing—it’s summer in a can! ABV: 4.9%


7. Half Acre Pony Pils

Proof that the entire arc of beer has been realized. We brew this beer because humans should drink clean,
lager beer without unnecessary adornment. For centuries, technically driven utility liquids have made people happy.  Its time consuming life cycle touches a special place in our quest as brewers. Bright lager aromatics, noble spiciness, botanicals, juniper, sweet pilsner malt chewiness, light bodied, really dry finish. ABV: 5.5%


8. Port Brewing Summer Pale Ale

Life’s better at the water’s edge. Be it a beach, a lake, or a sweltering day by the pool. Each of these situations is improved by friends, conversations, and a crisp pale ale. Our SPA is brewed with a juicy and boisterous blend of hops including Chinook, Amarillo, and Cascade. SPA begins with a bouquet of citrus and peach aromas, then leads to a refreshing orange and grapefruit-like dryness, with just a kiss of sweetness on the finish. ABV:


9. Downeast Cider Aloha Friday

a tribute to hazy memories of ross and tyler’s semester in hawaii many years ago. with the perfect balance of tropical juiciness and tartness, one sip will have you feeling like you’re cruising down the coastline with the boys, puffing on some maui wowie and heading for the beach. hawaiian shirt and man-sandals not included (but not entirely discouraged). ABV: 5.1%


10. Troegs Sunshine Pils

Like the rising sun, Sunshine Pils delivers winter, spring, summer and fall. This deceptively complex pilsner is all about the tightrope walk of two-row barley, zesty Saaz hops and lager yeast. It’s a go-to when the sun is shining, and it makes us happy when skies are gray. ABV: 4.5%


11. Bell’s Smitten Pale Ale

Drawn from one of our oldest recipes, Smitten began as Golden Rye Pale Ale, part of a series of beers that explored the use of rye malt at our pub, the Eccentric Café. With wonderfully bitter citrus notes, resinous hop aromas and earthy overtones, this dry-hopped Pale Ale doesn’t leave a lot of room for you to wonder if you’ll love it. ABV: 6.0%


12. Sixpoint Jammer

A refreshing, tart brew balanced with a fruity coriander aroma and a touch of sea salt. Just tangy enough to tingle the tastebuds. Let ‘er rip. Jacobsen Hand-Harvested Sea Salt is the best, cleanest, finishing salt you can buy. Just a kiss sets off the rest of the flavors of the beer. ABV: 4.0%


13. Two Roads Road Jam

A wheat ale fermented with real red and black raspberries and accented with fresh lemongrass.  It has a stunning red color and mouth-watering berry aroma.  Fruity and refreshingly dry. ABV: 5.0%


14. Left Hand Good Juju

A little Juju voodoo – fresh ginger kisses the lithe malty body, copulating with the hop in this pale ale ancestor. Emancipate yourself from the dead of winter, none but the vernal equinox can free the light. A refreshing frivolity. Hey mon. Shuccha fwangaa! Better a witch doctor than a trouble maker. Quit yor’ bitchin’ an’ get to witchin’. ABV: 4.5%


15. Lancaster Blue Trail Shandy

Just how awesome can a Shandy be? We use natural lemon and blueberry flavor, with pure cane sugar, for a zesty, refreshing and incredibly uplifting experience in taste! ABV: 5.1%


16. Alesmith Muy Sabroso!

The second release in our Hopwright series draws its bright, tropical flavors from Sabro, a new hop varietal bred in part from wild grown hops in the American Southwest. Notes of coconut, lime, tangerine, and citrus will have you reaching for more of this smooth cerveza. ABV: 6.5%


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