Slider Weekly Spotlight — 29 May 2019

Whether you’re lounging poolside, digging your toes in the sand, or grilling at a backyard BBQ, it’s always better with a beer in your hand. Best enjoyed when that Summer Fever kicks in, here are 30 seasonal craft beers to stock up on this Summer!


1. Allagash Darling Ruby – 6/4 cans 

Darling Ruby is a refreshing farmhouse ale with a twist: grapefruit juice and zest. The beer’s specific style is a grisette, a light and refreshing cousin of the modern saison. The combination of a grisette and citrus whirls tangy notes together with tropical aromas—all before landing on a beautifully dry finish. A lively ride from beginning to end. ABV: 4.5%


2. Founders Mas Agave – 6/4 bottles, 12/25 bottles, 1/4 kegs

We love cocktails. Like, really love them. If you ask us, few are more refreshing than the tart and tangy margarita and our latest barrel-aged beer pays tribute to that perennial classic. We took an imperial gose brewed with agave, lime and sea salt and then aged it in tequila barrels for just the right amount of kick. Consider it a party in a bottle. Más Agave! ABV: 10.0%


3. Half Acre Now & Then – 6/4 cans, 1/6 kegs

A beer brewed to commemorate a fully evolved, hybrid record store / head shop located in New Hope, PA, as well as all the outposts in small and big towns where you can uncover offbeat essentials. Brewed with an English ale yeast on 2-row, Golden Promise, Vienna and Flaked Oats, before a flush of Ekuanot cryo and hits of Citra, Simcoe and Comet. ABV:


4. Knee Deep Citra Light – 4/6 cans

Light, Bright and full of flavor; you will love the insane drinkability of “Citra Lights” Pale Ale. A shimmering golden hue, and subtle biscuit-like malt flavors give way to a light and crisp citrus hop aroma. 100% Citra hopped, and 100% Crushable, this is your new “go-to” beer. ABV: 5.5%


5. Knee Deep Oopsie Dhazy – 4/6 cans

Oopsie Dhazy! We forgot to filter and fine this ridiculously juicy New England-Inspired IPA! Served directly out of the fermenter for maximum flavor and aroma, you will taste flavors of juicy guava and ripe passion-fruit that pair perfectly with it’s cracker-like malt profile. Take a sip and you will realize that this pillowy soft, velvety liquid was no accident! Best enjoyed fresh! ABV: 6.8%


6. Offshoot Relax [It’s Just a Hazy IPA] – 1/6 kegs, 1/2 kegs

Relax [it’s just a hazy IPA] embraces the new way to enjoy IPA – unfiltered, fresh and full of hop flavor and aromatics… without the bitterness to stand in the way of kicking back with a juicy beer. It features a combination of Citra, Centennial, Simcoe and Amarillo hops, imparting fruity, tropical and citrusy notes to complement the round, soft mouthfeel of a hazy IPA. ABV: 6.8%


7. Oskar Blues Can-O-Bliss Hazy IPA – 4/6 cans, 1/6 kegs, 1/2 kegs

Can-O-Bliss Hazy IPA is brewed with five noteworthy hops: super dank Strata, aromatic Cashmere, quirky Enigma, wine-like Hallertau Blanc, and peachy-pine Eureka hops. The lineup was selected based on the individual characteristics of the hops, and how those qualities gel to create a dank, rich, freshly-dried hop aromas. ABV: 7.2%


8. Port Board Meeting – 6/4 cans

Added in 2013 to the Port Brewing year-round lineup, Board Meeting is an amplified Brown Ale, brewed with liberal additions of coffee from local San Diego roasters, Ryan Brothers and cocoa nibs sourced from famed San Francisco chocolate maker TCHO. Deep coffee flavor gives way to layers of bitter dark chocolate and a creamy vanilla body.ABV: 8.0%


9. Stone Revengeful Spirit – 4/6 cans, 1/6 kegs, 1/2 kegs

In the late summer of 2017 we debuted Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA, a tropical IPA brewed with pineapple & mandarin orange. Its purpose was to demonstrate the gloriousness whole fruit can add to our IPAs. It did so, with a vengeance. So we tasked ourselves with creating an even bigger and more aggressive version of the beer, packing it with extra hops alongside real citrus & tropical fruit. The result is Stone Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA: a beer, like revenge itself, best served cold. ABV: 8.1%


10. Troegs Raspberry Tart Ale  – 1/6 kegs, 1/2 kegs

Tart red raspberries are the star of this refreshing show. A first fermentation with lactobacillus gives this beer its pucker, while a second pass with our house ale yeast produces soft, fruity esters. A hint of Himalayan pink salt amplifies the flavor of tart raspberry jam, and coriander adds delicate notes of wildflowers. ABV: 4.5%


 11. Von Trapp Kolsch – 4/6 cans

Kölsch is a style of ale that famously originated in Cologne, Germany. A true summer session ale, this Kölsch utilizes German Tettnanger and Hallertau Hops, that combine to provide a hoppy explosion packed in every can. ABV: 5.0%


12. Downeast Aloha Friday – 6/4 cans, 2/9 cans

a tribute to hazy memories of ross and tyler’s semester in hawaii many years ago. with the perfect balance of tropical juiciness and tartness, one sip will have you feeling like you’re cruising down the coastline with the boys, puffing on some maui wowie and heading for the beach. hawaiian shirt and man-sandals not included (but not entirely discouraged). ABV: 5.1%


13. Great Divide Roadie – 4/6 cans

ROADIE GRAPEFRUIT RADLER was named both for the road biking cyclist (roadie) and the German word for cycling (radler) and inspired by Great Divide’s roots in the cycling community. Brewed with natural grapefruit puree, this easy-drinking ale pours a hazy sunrise gold and is bursting with citrus aroma. Unique in its class, this Radler is refreshing and slightly tart, with just enough bitterness to keep both cyclists and spectators coming back for more. ABV: 4.2%


14. Flying Dog Dead Rise – 4/6 cans, 1/6 kegs, 1/2 kegs

Skillful in shallow waters, yet adept when it becomes deep and rough, Dead Rise boats were specifically crafted to navigate the unique waters of the Chesapeake. Our Dead Rise, a summer ale brewed with OLD BAY, was brewed to support True Blue, a groundbreaking initiative to support the Maryland Blue Crab industry. ABV: 5.5%


15. Flying Dog Numero Uno – 4/6 cans

You get a trophy! And you get a trophy! AND YOU GET A TROPHY! EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY!!! And the biggest shiniest one goes to you for the can you hold in your hand. 100% of the net proceeds from Under Dog Gold Lager, a minimum of $25,000 annually, will benefit Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry, a three-day ride that brings together chefs and culinary professionals working to end childhood hunger in the U.S. Thank you for your participation. ABV: 3.9%


16. Flying Dog Summer Rental – 4/6 cans

Grapefruit Radler. “OK! OK! I know i look like a fish. I talk like a fish, but forget it! I don’t feel like a fish anymore, things have moved on. I’m a laboratory failure. That’s evolution, Honey! It’s over — find someone else.” – Ralph Steadman. ABV: 4.5%


17. Dogfish Head Off-Centered Summer Activity Box – 2/12 cans

We’re an adventurous bunch here at Dogfish Head, and we have a hunch that you are too! Whether you’re traveling the globe or just around the corner, headed for a weeklong vacation or escaping for the weekend, take your adventures – and your summer – up a notch with the simple crack of an off-centered can! Off-Center Your Summer celebrates a new season full of endless possibilities. Between hiking, post bike-riding, slip n’ sliding and more, curate a summer you’ll never forget with an off-centered experience you’ll always remember! With six different can offerings and the use of real culinary ingredients in each of our brews, we’ve got a little something for everyone and every occasion! Because a summer without Dogfish isn’t really summer! Includes cans of SeaQuench, Namaste, Slightly Mighty, and SuperEIGHT.


18. Troegs Sunshine Pils – 2/12 cans

Like the rising sun, Sunshine Pils delivers winter, spring, summer and fall. This deceptively complex pilsner is all about the tightrope walk of two-row barley, zesty Saaz hops and lager yeast. It’s a go-to when the sun is shining, and it makes us happy when skies are gray. ABV: 4.5%


19. Bell’s Oberon – 2/12 cans, 6/4 cans, 4/6 cans, 1/4 kegs, 1/2 kegs

Oberon is a wheat ale fermented with our signature house ale yeast, mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas. The addition of wheat malt lends a smooth mouthfeel, making it a classic summer beer. Made with only 4 ingredients, and without the use of any spices or fruit, Oberon is the color and scent of sunny afternoon. ABV: 5.8%


20. Bell’s Pool Time – 4/6 cans, 1/4 kegs

Pooltime Ale is a refreshing Belgian-inspired Wheat Ale with light clove notes. The truly distinguishing feature is the use of 100% Montmorency tart cherries grown in the Traverse City region of Michigan. These cherries add a subtle tartness and bright counterpoint to the other flavors, enhancing Pooltime’s fruity character and making it the perfect beer for all summer activities. ABV: 5.0%


21. Bell’s Lager of the Lakes – 2/12 cans

Following in the tradition of Czech Pilsners by offering a combination of firm malt and herbal hop bitterness, Bell’s Lager of the Lakes is as refreshing and crisp as a swim in the Great Lakes. ABV: 5.0%


22. Port Summer – 6/4 cans

Life’s better at the water’s edge. Be it a beach, a lake, or a sweltering day by the pool. Each of these situations is improved by friends, conversations, and a crisp pale ale. Our SPA is brewed with a juicy and boisterous blend of hops including Chinook, Amarillo, and Cascade. SPA begins with a bouquet of citrus and peach aromas, then leads to a refreshing orange and grapefruit-like dryness, with just a kiss of sweetness on the finish. ABV: 6.0%


23. 21st Amendment Hell of High Watermelon – 4/6 cans, 2/12 cans, 1/6 kegs, 1/2 kegs

Like Lady Liberty, we stand for independence and perseverance. In the pursuit of innovative beer, there is no obstacle too great. No journey too long. No fruit too gigantic. This American wheat beer is brewed with real watermelon, for a flavor that’s surprisingly crisp, dry and refreshing—it’s summer in a can! ABV: 4.9%


24. Bronx Summer Pale Ale – 4/6 cans, 1/6 kegs, 1/2 kegs

The intense summer heat in the concrete jungle is like no other. And finding the perfect cold beverage is a rite of passage for New Yorkers when the city starts to simmer. With Bronx Summer, we hope to make it that much easier. We brew it with citrus hops and lemon peel making it a refreshing remedy for keeping cool when the city starts to sweat. ABV: 5.2%


25. River Horse Summer Blonde – 4/6 bottles, 1/6 kegs, 1/2 kegs

A light, refreshing Ale that is easy to drink yet complex.  Perfect for the warmer months. Available April – August. ABV: 4.5%


26. Sixpoint Jammer – 1/6 kegs, 50L kegs

The schweat, the rhythmic rocking, and that aroma. We’re talking about the ebb and flow of tides here… ahhh, that glorious brine! Gnarly waves, shooting off mist, just tangy enough to tingle the tastebuds. JAMMER! Let ‘er rip.


27. Sixpoint Jammer Variety – 15 pack cans

Sixpoint Brewery’s signature tangy session beer is back, only this time is releasing alongside some exciting new additions to the Jammer family! Launching this April is the brand new Jammer Session Variety Pack. In each 15 pack, you will find 12 oz. cans of the original Jammer and Citrus Jammer, as well as three new flavors – Berry Jammer, Tropical Jammer, and Ruby Jammer – all at just 125 calories per can!


28. Yards Summer Crush – 4/6 bottles, 2/12 cans, 1/6 kegs. 1/2 kegs

You always remember your first. The moment it hits your lips, there you are. Summer Crush is an easy drinking, flavorful Wheat Beer with a juicy citrus finish that transports you to bright summer days and hot summer nights. Brewed with orange and lime zest, this crushable delight brings the refreshment to the shore, the front stoop, the rooftop, and everywhere else you celebrate summer. ABV: 5.0%


29. Left Hand Good Juju – 4/6 cans

A little Juju voodoo – fresh ginger kisses the lithe malty body, copulating with the hop in this pale ale ancestor. Emancipate yourself from the dead of winter, none but the vernal equinox can free the light. A refreshing frivolity. Hey mon. Shuccha fwangaa! Better a witch doctor than a trouble maker. Quit yor’ bitchin’ an’ get to witchin’. ABV: 4.5%Smutty


30. Smuttynose Summer IPA – 2/12 cans

Summer IPA is all about the hops. A satisfying, refreshing IPA with a clean hoppy finish perfect for the summer months. The aroma is both complex and hoppy while perfectly balanced. Look for hints of citrus, and tropical fruits from the Zeus, Citra, Saphir, and Amarillo hops. The only thing more balanced than the aroma is the flavor, offering subtle malt sweetness on either side of the hops profile, and closes with a crisp, hoppy finish. ABV: 5.5%


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