Slider Weekly Spotlight — 10 September 2019

In a market with rising popularity of canned cocktails, spiked seltzers, and other hard craft beverages, we’re excited to introduce a new category in our ready-to-drink (RTD) portfolio!

Introducing Brown Bomber Hard Latte, the first full line of hard coffeehouse beverages. It’s “dangerously delicious” and made with the 100% Arabic Coffee, premium malt, and the highest quality ingredients. There are three available flavors including Mocha, Vanilla, and Cold Brew. At 5% alcohol by volume, coffee isn’t just a morning thing… enjoy it any time of day, no matter the occasion!

Coming soon to central and northern counties!


Brown Bomber


Quality Ingredients. What’s not to like about the combination of coffee and malt alcohol!? Brown Bomber Hard Lattes are made from the highest quality ingredients featuring 100% Arabica Coffee and premium malt.

Value Great Taste. Because Brown Bomber Hard Latte uses premium ingredients it tastes great! With low alcohol content and a smooth, well-balanced taste, Brown Bomber Hard Latte is super easy to drink.

The Perfect Companion. Brown Bomber is convenient and ready-to-drink – making it the perfect complement for any social occasion. Anywhere, any time, it’s yours to enjoy!


11oz_Can_ColdBrew_Original_3ds 11oz_Can_Latte_Mocha_3ds 11oz_Can_Latte_Vanilla_3ds


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