Slider Weekly Spotlight — 05 March 2019


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Get ready to explore the goodness, because Dogfish Head Spirits Launch Week is HERE! It’s been a long time coming, and their off-centered spirits are finally taking the Garden State by storm. Stay tuned for a series of launch events and a list of where to find them near you!

Get your shakers ready and check out the full lineup below, including some off-centered recipes to get you in the spirit (pun intended). Sonic Archeology, Compelling Gin, Barrel Honey Rum, Analog Vodka, and Roasted Peanut Vodka are available now!




SONIC ARCHEOLOGYDogfish Head Distillery Sonic Archeology

A Prohibition whiskey cocktail inspired by the blending of sounds & spirits during the roaring 20’s. We do the cocktail mixology for you by blending our scratch-made Whiskey, Rum and Apple Brandy with honey, lemon and pomegrante juice. Simply pour over ice and enjoy!

Recipe: Sonic & Sauvignon



COMPELLING GINDogfish Head Distillery Compelling Gin

A bright and citrusy gin inspired by the culinary mix found in our original brewpub kitchen. Using Dogfish Vodka as the base, we re-distill with a mix including orange, lemon and lime peels, cinnamon, juniper, cardamom and peppercorn.

Recipe: Compelling Mojito



BARREL HONEY RUMDogfish Head Distillery Analog Vodka Barrel Honey Flavored Rum

Incredibly smooth and complex, this rum is aged in new American Oak and is more like a Bourbon than any ordinary rum. This beloved rum was one of the first craft spirits created by Sam Calagione back in 2002.

Recipe: Pear & Barrel



ANALOG VODKADogfish Head Distillery Analog Vodka

Unexpectedly luscious and smooth, Analog captures the core of Dogfish Head offering more complexity beyond your typical vodka with a touch of viscous sweetness and caramelized sugar.

Recipe: Apple Cider Martini



ROASTED PEANUT VODKADogfish Head Roasted Peanut Vodka

This robust and roasty vodka uses real ingredients, no extracts or flavorings here, just a hand crafted vodka bursting with goodness from roasted peanuts and lightly sweetened with local honey.

Recipe: Peanut Colada


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