Weekly Spotlight — 02 May 2017


This week we have a wonderful selection from our friends in Maryland! Flying Dog Brewing has released a new line of CANS. First, we’ve got Snake Dog and after 20 years, it’s still the perfectly hopped monster blend of Simcoe, Mosaic, Warrior, Citrus, and Columbus hops. Tried and true it’s a classic for the palate wrecking beer lovers.

Next, there’s the once seasonal, now year-round Bloodline IPA. Blended with a boatload of blood orange peel and juice, this beer will whisk you away on a wave of citrus and hops. These 12 packs will be your go-to summer party contribution! It’s also available on Nitro draft!

Numero Uno is in stock just in time for Cinco de Mayo! Mix it up with some Bloody Mary mix for a Michelada, or squeeze some lime and shake some salt for a beer-rita. Delicioso! This Agave cerveza is sessionable and easy to drink on or off the beach.

The season won’t be complete without a case of Dead Rise. Originally brewed to celebrate OLD BAY’s 75th anniversary, this brew has the perfect combination of hops and that classic blend of spices. Proceeds benefit True Blue, a program that advocates on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay’s 5,500 watermen.

Finally, your favorite, funky, Belgian, Raging B!tch is in cans! A raging contrast of piney and grapefruit notes, the flavors of this dog are best brought out with tangy ginger, Cajun cuisine or wasabi. We think the ever-inspiring Ralph Steadman said it best “Two inflammatory words…one wild drink. Nectar imprisoned in a bottle. Let it out. It is cruel to keep a wild animal locked up. Release it.”  


Cheers, everyone! 






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