Weekly Spotlight — 10 April 2012

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. Seasonal brews are popping up here, there and everywhere (as you may have noticed by our jam-packed release lists). If you thought for a second that we’ve revealed everything in our bag of tricks, think again! This week we’re shining the spotlight on our friends at Great Divide as they have not one, but THREE new brews for us to sip on and savor this season. That’s right, THREE new styles! So no matter what you’re in the mood for, whether that be saison, IPA or even a decadent stout (yes still appropriate in the summertime), we have something for you to kick back with and enjoy. So keep on reading and then run, don’t walk, to your nearest Great Divide retailer to pick up some of this tasty goodness before someone else does!


Colette Farmhouse Ale – 7.3% abv
The season for SAISON is upon us! Historically brewed in Belgium during the winter months for the farm laborers to enjoy during the warm summer months, saisons are remarkably refreshing and complex with an herbaceous character and a slightly tart, dry finish. Great Divide’s version of this classic Belgian brew is impeccable. Bursting with a vibrant acidity and notes of fresh cut hay, citrus and black pepper, Colette is perfect for the hot summer months ahead or to enjoy with spicy Indian cuisine, rosemary lamb skewers or a cheese board filled with gooey washed-rind cheeses. Mmmm good. And we’ll have you know that this seasonal beauty won a Silver Medal at the 2010 Great American Beer Festival…just in case you didn’t trust our opinion! Colette is now available in 6-packs and on draft


Chocolate Oak-Aged Yeti Imperial Stout – 9.5% abv
There’s been a Yeti spotting in NJ! Fans of the big, bold and extremely bad-ass Yeti series will be happy to hear that the Chocolate Oak-Aged Yeti is back on the scene. This decadent version is brewed with cocoa nibs and cayenne pepper for an incredibly complex and sinfully-good experience. If you’re looking to do some cooking, the heat in this stout screams for a big dish of enchiladas smothered in a rich chocolate mole sauce. YUM! Nearly everything in the Yeti clan has received a perfect score of 100 points on Ratebeer.com, so don’t expect this guy to sit on store shelves for too long! Now available in 22oz bottles and on draft





18th Anniversary Wood-Aged Double IPA – 10% abv
For those long-time Great Divide fans looking for this year’s commemorative, anniversary brew, the Wood-Aged Double IPA is here! A whopping EIGHTEEN years ago, founder Brian Dunn transformed an old dairy plant in a rundown neighborhood of Denver into a little brewery and called it Great Divide. After nearly two decades of producing some of the most aggressively hopped IPAs, rockstar stouts and unique interpretations on traditional old-world styles, Great Divide is considered by beer industry experts as one of the leading craft breweries in the country. They have won dozens of medals over the years and are consistently voted as one of the “Best Breweries in the World” by Ratebeer.com. The 18th Anniversary Wood-Aged IPA takes the signature characteristics (sweet caramel malt and floral hop aroma) of the fan-favorite Denver Pale Ale to the next level. Aged with both French and American oak chips, this strong ale has layers upon layers of flavors and is definitely one to share with friends and fellow GD fans! Enjoy! Now available in 22oz bottles and on draft




Titan IPA
This hop-a-licious brew is packed with notes of citrus and pine and boasts a rich, malty sweetness. 7.1% abv
98 points Ratebeer.com
Available in 6-packs

Hercules Double IPA
Take your hop addiction to the next level with this 85 IBU, 10% abv Double IPA
100 points Ratebeer.com
Available in 4-packs and on draft

Denver Pale Ale
If you’re looking for a classic pale ale / session ale, this is one of Colorado’s finest! 5.5% abv
97 points Ratebeer.com
Available in 6-packs

Belgian-style golden ale that goes great with mussels and spicy cuisine! 7.8% abv
Available in 6-packs



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