Press Release — 23 January 2012

Phillipsburg, NJ – August 23, 2011 – Hunterdon Distributors has joined forces with luxury spirits company Altamar Brands to bring several new products to the New Jersey market.  This exciting release will include a Swedish gin, a traditional Swiss absinthe and three single-estate tequilas.

Altamar was founded in Southern California in 2005 by W.L. Lyons Brown, formerly of the legendary spirits marketing giant Brown-Forman.  With Brown’s lifelong experience in the spirits industry and his revolutionary philosophy toward change, awareness and excellence, he has successfully branded three unique products in the US market– Right Gin, Kubler Absinthe and Tequila Ocho.

After the ban of absinthe was lifted in the United States in 2007, Brown signed a deal with Kubler, making it the first authentic Swiss absinthe to be imported after nearly one-hundred years.  Kubler is produced in the birthplace of absinthe, the Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland, with history dating back to 1862. Before the ban was enforced by the Swiss government in 1910, Kubler was an award-winning absinthe at competitions throughout Europe.  Kubler is made using 100% local ingredients and the recipe is the same today as it was a century ago.

Created specifically for Altamar brands, Right Gin is made from corn that has been distilled five times and clean, pure water sourced from a lake in the southern part of Sweden.  Traditional botanicals include juniper, coriander and cardamom in addition to Sarawak black pepper, lemon, lime, orange and bergamot.  Each of the ingredients are distilled individually and perfectly blended for a clean, smooth and superior experience.

Tequila Ocho is a boutique line of single estate, single vintage tequilas.  Made with 100% blue agave harvested from several appellations in the Jalisco region, Ocho tequilas are very unique, terroir-driven products for true aficionados.  All three of their tequilas (Plato, Reposado and Anejo) are aged at a bare minimum to highlight the product’s complexity and consistency.

Hunterdon is proud to be representing Altamar Brands for the state of New Jersey.  Consumers can expect to find these premium products in restaurants and on store shelves by fall 2011.




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