Drinks and Drams — 26 October 2016

Mark Your Calendars – Hunterdon will officially begin shipping cases of Keystone Whiskey, the newest release from Manatawny Still Works, on Friday October 28th! The newest offering in Manatawny’s impressive lineup, Keystone is the first signature, named whiskey they have made available, and is the result of years of testing and aging. Made from a four-grain mash of malt, wheat, oats, and rye aged in 53 gallon premium white American oak cooperage, Keystone is a blend of barrels that have been aged between 12 and 25 months.

Here’s what the distillery had to say about the upcoming release:

“The word “Manatawny” literally means ‘the place we meet to drink’, and with Hunterdon’s help we have partnered with key bars, restaurants, and retailers throughout the state over the last two years to feature and share our craft spirits. As the craft movement continues to gain in popularity amongst cocktail enthusiast, we’re excited to launch our first signature whiskey, Keystone Whiskey, in the New Jersey market.”

We couldn’t agree more, and hope that you’ll love Keystone as much as we all do.

When distiller Max Pfeffer started his journey at Manatawny, he was sure that he wanted to make whiskey – the only thing he wasn’t certain of was exactly what kind. He didn’t simply want to make another craft bourbon or rye as so many others had before, but rather he wanted to set out to create something truly unique, an American whiskey inspired by the traditions of the past but new in its point of view and profile. He drew on his years as a brewer (formerly with Victory and Sly Fox in PA), and began experimenting with mash bill recipes, many of which were aged and released as part of their Small Batch series over the past 2 years. He finally settled on the recipe that would become Keystone, and laid it down to age in full sized cooperage for the long wait. Experience the culmination of the process that started years ago, and continues to evolve to this day – Manatawny Keystone Whiskey.

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