Weekly Spotlight — 20 March 2017



Ride the juicy fruit waves of Mighty Swell with us this week!  These delightful sparkling beverages are now available across the state and just in time for the first day of Spring.  Grab a 4 pack and dive into Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails, they’re perfect at the beach, golf course or anywhere that you have a thirst for something extraordinary.

While many alcoholic beverages are not required to list their ingredients, we’re proud to tell you what’s in ours. Every can of Mighty Swell is made with a unique fruit-based wine, infused with real fruit juice and pure cane sugar, then carbonated to create our distinctive cocktails. There’s no high-fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate, or Red Dye #3. We only use premium ingredients, creating a uniquely refreshing cocktail.

Whether it’s the sweet ripe tropical flavor of mango, the tart zest of grapefruit, or that fresh picked peach flavor, we’ve got you covered!  And be on the lookout for the sweet & sour  Lemon coming soon in April.




Zesty ruby red grapefruit offers a zippy tartness marked with a crisp, fruity finish. ABV: 5.0%







The King of Fruits delivers a taste of the tropics with an exotic combo of sweet, floral fruit & just a hint of tart citrus. ABV: 5.0%









The juiciness of a perfectly-ripe peach is a perfect match with sparkling effervescence. ABV: 5.0%








mscc_lemon_lo-resLEMON – Lemonade gets a grown-up makeover with a strong citrus nose and sweet and tangy lemon finish.   Light, bright, tangy, sweet & sour, zesty, Meyer lemon, citrus, floral. ABV 5%



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