New Releases — 18 September 2016

TenFidy 1//6 kegs and 6/4 pack cans
Ten FIDY Imperial Stout – This titanic, immensely viscous stout is loaded with inimitable flavors of chocolate-covered caramel and coffee and hide a hefty 65 IBUs underneath the smooth blanket of malt. Ten FIDY (10.5% ABV) is made with enormous amounts of two-row malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, flaked oats and hops. Ten FIDY is the ultimate celebration of dark malts and boundary-stretching beer.

Hot Box Coffee Porter 1/6 kegs and 6/4 pack cans
This porter (6.4% ABV, 30 IBUs) is based on malt flavors of roasted nuts, crème brulee, cocoa, and caramel, extracted from English and German roasted and caramel malts. Hotbox Roasters then crashes the party and infuses potent, cold-extracted coffee from Burundi and Ethiopian beans and deals out flavors and aromas of dark plums, chocolate, and hints of blueberry.

Fireside Chat 4/6 packs and 1/2 kegs
Like FDR’s Depression-era radio addresses, which were like a kick in the butt and a hug at the same time, our Fireside Chat is a subtle twist on the traditional seasonal brew. We begin with a rich, dark, English-style ale and then we improvise with spices until we know we have a beer worth sharing with the nation.

Toaster Pastry 4/6 pack cans
Biscuit malts give the beer a slightly nutty, crust-like flavor, while pale and dark Crystal malts create the mouthfeel and flavors reminiscent of strawberry jam. Calypso and other experimental hops give this ruby ale a welcome bite, plus a few more in the hop back for a toasty-sweet aroma.

Turbo Dog 4/6 packs
Turbodog® is a dark brown ale brewed with pale, caramel, and chocolate malts and Willamette hops. This combination gives Turbodog® its rich body and color and a sweet chocolate, toffee-like flavor. Turbodog® began as a specialty ale, but has gained a huge, loyal following and has become one of our flagship brews.

IPA 4/6 pack cans and 1/6 kegs
It’s Pretty Awesome. A San Diego classic, AleSmith IPA showcases the versatility of American hops. Aromas of grapefruit and tangerine lead into an abundance of fresh pine and tropical fruit notes followed by a crisp, resinous bitterness. The complex hop profile is supported by a firm malt presence to create an incredibly flavorful and well-balanced IPA.

James Bean 1/6 kegs
James Bean is a bourbon barrel aged, Belgian-style strong ale that is infused with cold press coffee, post fermentation. Coffee, vanilla and bourbon dominate the aroma. Flavors of caramel, coffee, bourbon, and oak present themselves throughout this full-bodied beer. The coffee used in James Bean is Speckled Ax, roasted right here in Maine. The beans used are Ethiopia Amaro Gayo and are known for their lush blackberry and blueberry fruit flavors.

Victory at Sea 4/6 packs and 1/6 Kegs
A big porter crafted to weather any storm.
Our Victory at Sea Imperial Porter is a bold, smooth brew with just the right amount of sweetness. We infused this robust porter with vanilla and San Diego’s own Caffe Calabria coffee beans. The subtle roasted notes and minimal acidity of the cold brewed coffee, balances perfectly with the sweet caramel undertones of the malt, creating a winning combination for your palate.

Watermelon Dorado 4/6 packs
Our Watermelon Dorado Double IPA is not one to back down from big flavors. Mash, kettle, and dry hopping blend to create a huge hop profile that is balanced with a blast of watermelon. The result is a refreshing brew that is all summer and no seeds.

Mocha Marlin 22oz and 1/2 kegs
Smooth, chocolaty and roasty with a hoppy finish

Sculpin Variety Pack 2/12 packs

Stowaway 4/6 pack cans
Baxter’s flagship Stowaway India Pale Ale put Maine on the IPA map in 2011 and there’s been no looking back. Double-dry-hopped with close to 500 pounds of hops per batch, Stowaway’s bitter character is of course enticing for any veteran hop head. BUT, the solid malt backbone makes this beer approachable enough and drinkable enough for any beer drinker to tackle, even with its don’t-mess-with-me 7% ABV. To top it all off, after a long, full three weeks in the tanks, this full-bodied beer has a dry, crisp finish virtually unheard of in the style category. It’s no wonder Stowaway is the best-selling Maine Made IPA in the northeast! Pairs best with: spicy Thai or curry dishes; carrot cake; big, earthy cheeses like Stilton or aged, clothbound cheddar.

Variety 2/12 pack cans
Pamola, Stowaway, Tarnation, and Hayride

Hop Shovel 1/6 kegs
This pale and hoppy IPA was brewed with a high proportion of wheat and rye for a smooth, well rounded flavor and mouth feel. New hop varieties Mosaic and Meridian provide a uniquely American and modern hop flavor and aroma.

Big Bear 4/6
Big Bear is a big, black, stout you can really sink your teeth into. The bold, roasty, caramel malt flavor is balanced by Centennial and Cascade hops.

Shake 4/6 packs and 1/6 kegs
Our twist on the traditional robust American Porter, Shake Chocolate Porter is dark black in color with rich, sweet aromatics and flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and caramel. This unique brew blends five different grains, including Chocolate Wheat, that along with cacao nibs create a devilishly delicious chocolate finish with a velvety mouthfeel.

Pale Ale 1/6 kegs
Brotherton Pale Ale is a Pale Ale that deceives your senses into thinking it’s a hyper-hopped IPA. Our philosophy regarding hops is to extract the same intense aromas and flavors regardless of what “strength” the beer may be. Brotherton Pale Ale is session-able hoppy ale, with vast aromas of classic American hops, citrus zest, freshly cut grass, pinesap and simple pale malt breadiness.

Jinja Dragon 500ml
Spring has awoken the might of the JINJA DRAGON. We’ve harnessed the power of “the glow” through generous additions of hibiscus and ginger with a touch of black peppercorn. Sure enough, the legend of the shogun of mead is true. Although only available for a short time throughout the year, we assure you this is not the last Jinja Dragon.

Maple Harvest 500ml
Maple Harvest is a sparkling mead crafted with 100% raw wildflower honey, buckwheat honey, maple syrup, and dark belgian candi sugar. We then add just the right amount of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger to make this mead perfect for when the days get shorter and the evenings more crisp. This fall seasonal mead is available for only a limited time.

Red and White 25.4oz and 1/6 KEGS
Red & White successfully marries the refreshing citrusy qualities of a Belgian-style white beer with the robust complexity of a red wine.

Flesh and Blood 1/6 & 4/6 KEGS
Flesh & Blood began with a ton of real citrus including lemon flesh and blood orange juice—hence the name—plus orange and lemon peel. Then the brewers began searching for the perfect combination of hops to perfectly complement the citrus flavors. After trialing number of different hops one-by-one, they emerged with Warrior, Centennial, and a rare experimental hop.

Pumpkin Blend 1/6 kegs
With a very short window of availability, Pumpkin Blend is made by adding fresh pumpkin mash to the apple press, highlighted by seasonal chai spices. Available early September through Halloween, this creation will have you ready for the falling foliage and shifting seasons.

Tart ‘n Juicy Sour IPA 4/6 pack cans
We’ve combined the clean, puckering tartness of kettle souring with an abundance of juicy, citrus-driven hops to create a beer that’s the best of both worlds – Tart n’ Juicy Sour IPA.

Imperial Pumpkin Porter 22 oz
he essence of the fall! This beer explodes with aromas of sweet spices giving way to chocolate and roasted malt. Flavors are reminiscent of fresh-cut pumpkin and chocolate and complimented by hints of clove, fresh Madagascar vanilla beans, nutmeg and allspice.

Extra Dry Cider 750ml
Pale gold, bubbly, radically dry. Richly aromatic, suggesting myriad fruits of the earth, and the earth itself, with a complex, palate-cleansing balance of fruit, astringency, and acid. Sugar content zero, fruit notes rampant! Made, like Semi-Dry, from a range of specific apple varieties bred and/or selected for excellent cider. Alcohol content 7.5% by volume. 750 ml. bottle, mushroom cork, wire hood.

Semi-Dry Cider 750ml
Golden, gently bubbly, with a delicious array of tropic fruits, citrus, and mysterious aromatic notes in the nose and on the palate. Our Semi-Dry cider is much less sweet than semi-dry champagnes. On Farnum Hill, that much-abused word “dry” is taken literally, so our semi-dry balances the gentlest sweetness against sharpness, astringency, and fruit (which is different from sweet). Alcohol content 7.4% by volume. 750 ml bottle, mushroom cork finish with wire hood. The cork comes out by hand, with a genial pop.

Passion Fruit Kicker 4/6 packs
We’ve kicked it up a notch by adding a tropical twist to this refreshing ale. Get amped on Passion Fruit Kicker—a jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, smooth brew with sweet, tart, fruity flavor. We layer passion fruit tea and passion fruit juice with wheat malt and 2-row malted barley to bring you this exhilarating crowd pleaser. Your palate will do a 360 for more of this luscious wheat ale.

Stoopid Wit 1/2 kegs and 4/6 packs
An Un-Freakin’-Filtered Hoppy Belgian-ish Wit! This UNFILTERED Belgian-ish Wit-ly-esque-ish-ness brew features a dry twang of hoppy bitterness and is perfect for the summertime drinking!

Elderberry 4/6 packs
Elderberries have been adding flare to hard cider for centuries. In fact, the 1822 book The American Orchardist suggests adding Elderberries to give cider “a fine colour as well as flavour.” Original Sin brings back this brilliant tradition with our new Elderberry Cider.

TAPX Marie’s Rendezvous
Full-bodied, with soft sweetness, complex fruitiness, fine peppery flavour and courageous strength. A true feast for the senses with a refreshing dry finish! Simply fantastic in liaison with a festive roast, light mousse with fresh fruits or aromatic apple fritters with vanilla ice cream. Be careful – it could be LOVE! Hops: Tradition and Cascade, a new experimental hop variety for dry hopping. Malt: 50% wheat malt, 50% barley malt from local production. Alcohol: 10 % vol.

Slow Your Roll 1/2 kegs
To keep pace in New Your City you’ve got to be able to get things done in a New York minute. This session IPA is perfect for those chill moments when you want to lean back and take it all in. We brew this IPA with 2 of our favorite hops for some amazing tropical fruit aromas adn add red wheat malt to give it a crisp, tart finish. An easy drinking 4.6% ABV makes this an ideal brew for when it’s time to Slow Your Roll.

Banner 3/8 pack cans and 15/12 pack cans
Bronx Banner is a Kolsch-inspired ale that is brewed using Belgian pilsner and American wheat malts, with classic Bavarian hops. It’s brilliantly clear-filtered, soft and perfectly balanced.

No Resolution Double IPA 4/6 pack cans
If you are looking for a beer to satisfy your New Year’s resolution, make no mistake – this isn’t it. The brew brings hop aromas and bitterness in a big way – a variety of hops create a spectrum of aromas ranging from citrus, pine, musky, tropical fruit to lemon grass. With a 7.6% ABV and a heavy hop guarantee this is the ideal beer for those who go No Resolution. Cheers!


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