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WATERMELON LEMON SHANDY: 4/6 cases | 1/4 kegs | 1/2 kegs

Inspired by the taste and aromas of summertime, this crisp, golden lager is brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and blended with refreshing watermelon and zesty lemon juices for a sweet, freshly squeezed flavor. All of our Harvest Series brews are made with the finest Louisiana-grown ingredients, keeping us Louisiana True®. ABV: 3.5%



PICK YOUR OWN: 6/12 cases

Pick Your Own begins as a sour red ale that’s aged in an oak foudre with Lactobacillus and Pediococcus for two years. After adding fresh, local raspberries, cherries, strawberries, and blueberries, we age it for an additional three months. The finished beer is a vibrant, ruby red with an aroma of ripe berries and vanilla. As you might expect, berries fill the flavor. Pick Your Own finishes dry with notes of bread crust and a lingering, tart juiciness. ABV: 6.4%

LITTLE BRETT: 6/4 cases | 1/6 kegs

Much of the aroma and flavor of Little Brett comes from its fermentation in stainless with our house strain of 100% Brettanomyces yeast. One malt, our 2-row barley blend, and one hop, Mosaic, add to its simple, yet balanced characteristics. Little Brett comes out a hazy, straw-colored beer featuring an aroma bursting with pineapple and notes of bread crust. Pineapple continues through the flavor with additional notes of fresh cut grass. A mild tartness in the finish is rounded out by a pleasant hop-bitterness. ABV: 4.8%



WOOFIEDOG: 375mL bottles

We dry-hop this light mead with cascade, centennial and chinook hops for a citrusy, piney, resiny character. ABV: 9.5%

A GOOD SASPARILLA: 375mL bottles

Using a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch sarsaparilla recipe of cardamom pods, vanilla beans and sarsaparilla root, this mead tastes like a cross between root beer and cream soda. ABV: 7.5%

MO-MEAD-O: 375mL bottles

The mead that launched the meadery, Mo-Mead-O (aka Mo-Me-Doh) is a refreshing combination of mint and lime with a perfect balance of honey backbone. ABV: 13.0%


A cranberry and orange semi-sweet mead. ABV: 13.0%



HEIRLOOM: 6/375 mL | 12/187 mL

Made from a unique blend of traditional and heirloom apple varieties, this delicious ice cider has a complex, balanced flavor and a long finish. 100% of the apples used are grown in Vermont. In additiona to MacIntosh and Empire, Russets provide full-bodied sweetness, Caville Blanc provides acidity and citrus notes for balance, and Ashmead’s Kernel provides natural tannins for structure. Serve it with artisanal cheese, characuterie, and desserts with Autumn spices. ABV: 10.0%

HONEYCRISP: 6/375mL bottles

This smooth, elegant ice cider is made 100% from Vermont-grown Honeycrisp apples. The Honeycrisp is a prized Northern USA apple variety. As its name suggests, there is a honeyed quality to its sweetness, accompanied by sufficient acidity to keep the flavor fresh and crisp. Enjoy with cheese, maple creme brulee, or just a few butter cookies. ABV: 10.0%


This single-varietal ice cider has been ages from one year in French Oak barrels, imparting structure and delicate spice. Northern Spy is an antique New England variety of apple that was among the three most popular at the end of the 19th century, and especially prized for pics. It has a sweetly tart flavor that is superbly enhanced by the oak. 100% grown and made in Vermont, it pairs well with aged cheeses, spiced nuts, and even a cigar. ABV: 10.0%

SEMI-DRY: 375mL bottles | 20L kegs

Bottle conditioned, naturally sparkling cider made from a blend of traditional and heirloom apple varieties grown within 200 miles of our cidery. Slightly sweetened with ice cider, unfiltered, unpasteurized, always gluten-free. ABV: 9.5%

HERBAL ORLEANS: 6/375mL bottles

This elegant artisanal cider was developed in collaboration with maitre liquoriste Deirdre Heekin. Using our Northern winter cold to concentrate fresh-pressed cider to make a pure dry cider infused with a special blend of herbs A refreshing, aromatic cider, Orleans has delicate apple flavor and white floral, honey, and anise notes. ABV: 16.0%


This small-batch ice cider is naturally concentrated before fermentation in our cold Vermont winter weather, then partially fermented leaving full bodied residual sweetness balanced with acidity and soft tannins. Aged 6 months in American oak barrels previously used to age apple brandy. Served with sea-salt caramels, maple creme brulee, and other desserts with autumn spices. ABV: 10.0%


This artisanal cider was developed with maitre liquoriste Deirdre Heekin. USing our Northern winter cold to concentrate fresh-pressed cider, we fermented the concetrate to make a pure dry cider, and then infused it with red currant and blended it with dandelion, gentian, and angelica bitters from Urban Moonshine in Burlington, Vermont. ABV: 16.0%

IMPERIAL ROSE: 6/375 mL bottles | 12/375mL bottles | 20L kegs

The best sparkling rosé wine is a cider!  Our Imperial 11° Rosé cider has the body, alcohol level and juiciness of a delicious drier rosé.  It is made only from apples and red currants. No added sugar, coloring or other flavoring.  We use our natural cold winter weather here in Northern Vermont to freeze concentrate the juice before fermentation, just as with our ice cider, but to a lower level.  Then we co-ferment the juice with red currant.  Lightly carbonated, it is delicious and full flavored. ABV: 11.0%

EZEKIEL: 12/375mL bottles

Ezekiel is a gray wizard. He shepherds his flock of trees as though they were elves of the first order, each to its own character and propensity. He brings forth fruit that is intensely flavored, carefully gathered and poised to become the libation of the deserving. Tn this case, 100% Kingston Black apples from his care were pressed, fermented and aged in stainless steel for 8 months, then bottle conditioned. The result is a serious dry sparkling cider, with robust tannins, rough-checked acidity and sprightly bubbles. A perfect accompsniment on whatever quest you persue. Enjoy with a ploughman’s lunch, a well-roasted porcetta, or steak frites. ABV: 8.0%



TART N’ JUICY: 4/6C cases

We’ve combined the clean, puckering tartness of kettle souring with an abundance of juicy, citrus-driven hops to create a beer that’s the best of both worlds – Tart n’ Juicy Sour® IPA. ABV: 5.0%

LOS LOCOS: 4/6C cases

The next release in the new Praise the Haze series of New England-style IPAs! These juicy, hazy, hop bombs are packed to the brim with flavor. In fact, we’ve been downright irresponsible when it comes to hop utilization. Our brewers have been experimenting with everything from lupulin powder, to massive hop backs, exploring the flavor synergies of fermentation hopping, and literally cramming in more dry hops then our tanks can even hold. Through months of R&D and long nights cleaning out the clogged heat exchanger we’ve developed several different recipes – because our approach to the New England-Style is simple: more is better! ABV: 7.0%


Sour ale aged in oak barrels with strawberries & rhubarb. ABV: 6.9%


The next release in the new Praise the Haze series of New England-style IPAs! These juicy, hazy, hop bombs are packed to the brim with flavor. In fact, we’ve been downright irresponsible when it comes to hop utilization. Our brewers have been experimenting with everything from lupulin powder, to massive hop backs, exploring the flavor synergies of fermentation hopping, and literally cramming in more dry hops then our tanks can even hold. Through months of R&D and long nights cleaning out the clogged heat exchanger we’ve developed several different recipes – because our approach to the New England-Style is simple: more is better! ABV: 7.0%

RINO: 4/6C cases

This is a bold and unpretentious beer born out of the River North Neighborhood. Combining premium English Maris Otter malt with German Specialty grains and Pacific Northwest Hops this Pale Ale is complex, and robust but also very easy going. ABV: 5.8%




We’re bringing four of our favorites out of retirement and throwing it back to a time when Tiger was still on top, Brett Favre tearfully said goodbye (and then came back), we got our first Rickroll and a certain someone could see Alaska from her front porch. Contains In-Heat Hefeweizen, Tire Bite Golden Ale, Old Scratch Amber Lager, and Road Dog Porter.



FIELDS & FLOWERS: 6/4C cases | 20L kegs

All day Gosé cider with rose hips, hibiscus, rooibos & pink sea salt. ABV: 6.9%

SALT & SAND: 6/4C cases

Mezcal margarita-inspired cider with lemon, lime zest & smoked sea salt. ABV: 6.9%

ISLAND OF THE LOST: 6/4C cases | 20L kegs

Hop guava strawberry dreamsicle cider with NY apples, guava, strawberry, milk sugar, and vanilla. ABV: 6.9%

EMERALD DISTRICT: 6/4C cases | 20L kegs

Coconut pineapple cocktail cider with NY apples, coconut, pineapple, milk sugar, lemon zest, vanilla. ABV: 6.9%



VANILLA OAK AGED YETI: 12/22 cases | 1/6 kegs

Yet another extension of our Yeti clan, Vanilla Oak Aged Yeti is the next flavor evolution for our cherished imperial stout. Sweet vanilla tones meld into the oak characteristics as the two flavors support and enhance one another. A pairing fit for a beast, the vanilla and oak are uplifted by the bold and roasty character we all know and love from Yeti. ABV: 9.5%



BREAKING BUD: 6/4C cases

This is a true West Coast IPA.  A restrained malt profile of American 2-row, German wheat and a touch of English crystal give the beer its golden straw color and allows the hops to shine.  Mosaic, Simcoe and Columbus hops provide dank aromas and flavors of tropical fruit and pine leading to a refreshing dry finish. ABV: 6.5%

FISH ON: 1/6 kegs

American IPA. Description TBD. ABV: 6.5%

RU-DEEP-2: 6/4C cases | 1/6 kegs

Beep Bloop Blop Bleep Boop. This is the droid you are looking for! Coming in at 8.5% ABV and 51 IBUs, this double IPA has wonderful aromas of meyer lemon, grapefruit, and biscuit malt that lead into a dry finish. RU-Deep-2 is only available for a limited time…it will be gone faster than an imperial starship making a jump into hyperspace. ABV: 8.5%




Way smooth and silky with a nice wheatly-esque-ish-ness. A truly unique style featuring a strong hop finish on a silky body. A hoppy pale wheat ale that is great for IPA fans but so smooth that the hefeweizen fans dig it too. ABV: 7.5%




Cream ale with blackcurrants added. Super smooth with a light body, tart berries and vibrant color. ABV: 4.7%



ANOTHER ONE: 12/16 cases | 1/6 kegs

When we expanded our brewery in 2013, the stress was something, to say the least. I ran out of creative juice for a minute so I decided to have another one for inspiration. ABV: 7.0%

ZOE: 12/16 cases

On a rainy fall day in 2009, my five-year-old daughter Zoe and I were wandering the streets in Bar Harbor and stumbled across the Whale Museum. Zoe loved it. It put a smile on her face. Hopefully our ale will do the same for you. Cheers! ABV: 7.2%



COFFEE J.A.W.N.: 4/6C cases | 1/6 kegs | 1/2 kegs

Juicy Ale With Nugget (J.A.W.N.) conditioned on Organic Rise Up Coffee. A malty, yet crisp Pale Ale,  loaded with dank citrus, as well as tropical and stone fruit flavor and aroma from the gratuitous use of Nugget and Zythos hops. ABV: 5.2%

KEEP IT ON THE DL: 4/6C cases | 1/6 kegs | 1/2 kegs

Unfiltered India Pale Ale dry hopped with Azacca, Citra, and Kohatu. ABV: 4.5%



HOT TUB LAGER: 4/6C cases

Rogue’s Founder, Jack LeRoy Joyce, was known for his love of Hot Tubbing, which he typically enjoyed in his birthday suit. When Jack passed away in 2014, the Jack Joyce Scholarship was established in his honor. The scholarship benefits Fermentation Science students at Oregon State University. During the second annual scholarship presentation, when one of the original recipients was asked to share a few words about what the scholarship meant to him, he confessed that after he paid for his books, tuition and other expenses, he used the rest to buy a hot tub, the “most Rogue-ish thing possible.” As a nod to that Rogue-ish purchase — and to Jack Joyce — we created Hot Tub Scholarship Lager, a German-style Helles Lager designed to be enjoyed by Hot Tub lovers everywhere. A portion of the proceeds from Hot Tub Scholarship Lager fund the Jack Joyce Scholarship and continue to support fermentation science students at Oregon State University. ABV: 5.5%


Weird & wonderful fusion of hazy IPA and sour ale brewed with grapefruit and blood orange, then dry-hopped with Australian hops. ABV: 7.2%



THE SKEDADDLER: 1/6 kegs | 1/2 kegs

Collaborating on a beer takes time. Just like making friends. Our like-minded compatriots over at Societe Brewing Co. paired with us to create an IPA like no other. This collaboration features Idaho 7 and New Zealand Southern Cross hops – showcasing citrus flavors and piney, dank aroma as solid as two full glasses clanking together. But this unique bond isn’t forged overnight. Skedaddle to your local spot and enjoy the good times had by all. ABV: 7.0%



NIMBLE GIANT: 6/4/16C cases | 1/6 kegs | 1/2 kegs

“Without sway, there can be no balance.” Our Double IPA gracefully boasts grapefruit rind, pineapple and honeysuckle notes with a hint of earthy forest floor. Behold the wonder! ABV: 9.0%



ROSE: 4/6C cases

A delightful interpretation of a sparkling rosé wine.  Wonderful hints of mandarin orange, peach, raspberries, and cherry combined with refreshing bubbles. ABV:

LEMON LIME: 4/6C cases

It starts with a soft, beautiful rush of lemon in the nose and mouth and follows with a crisp finish of lime. Enjoy straight from the can or pour over ice with a squeeze of lime for a uniquely refreshing taste.

VARIETY: 15C cases

Variety packs include Rose, Blueberry Lemonade, Raspberry, Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, and Cranberry. ABV: 5.0%



BLUEBERRY ALE: 4/6 cases

A wonderful aroma of fresh blueberries is then enhanced by a delicious flavor that gets fermented into this classic wheat ale. ABV: 4.5%


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