bissell brothers

When the Bissell brothers, Noah and Peter, started Bissell Brothers Brewing back in December of 2013, they had a simple mission in mind: to provide fresh craft flavors and experiences to their Maine communities that they had not enjoyed before. Eight years later, they are proud to boast they can spread this mission regionally, nationally, and internationally. However, they always make sure their home state of Maine, their staff, their beer process, their taprooms, and their customers always come first.

Hunterdon Brewing Company recognized the brothers’ goals and is proud to welcome Bissell Brothers Brewing into its portfolio of amazing Maine craft breweries. HBCO will introduce Bissell Brothers into the New Jersey market with its flagship IPA, The Substance Ale.

The Substance Ale

India Pale Ale / ABV: 6.6%

The Substance is eminently drinkable. The yin and yang of old-school dankness and new school flair yield a beer that’s easy to drink, yet evolves. It’s an IPA that lets you choose your own journey. You can knock back a pint or two, or you can sit and experience the beer and its constant evolution over the course of time, one sip at a time as it washes across the palate. Intriguing, instead of fatiguing, all of your senses.

To see where you can find Bissell Brothers in New Jersey, check out their beer finder:

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