America’s First Craft Makgeolli

So what is Makgeolli you may ask? If you have traditional beer in mind, think again. Makgeolli (also spelled makku-li), meaning ‘roughly filtered,’ is the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea based on a 2,000 year old tradition. MÀKKU is a fresh twist on a rich heritage. Did we mention it's gluten-free,


It is made with three main ingredients: rice, nuruk (traditional fermentation starter), and water. MÀKKU has a creamy body and tart taste profile with a touch of sweetness. The flavor, body, and aroma of the drink is enhanced by the rich rice sediment that is present after being ‘roughly filtered.’ So before cracking open a can or taking a swig from your glass, give it a quick and gentle shake or stir to redistribute the rice sediment before enjoying. Be careful not to shake it too hard, though! MÀKKU is carbonated and could create a mess!

Available flavors: Original, Blueberry, and Mango ABV: 6.0% Get creative with these delicious Makk-ktail recipes -

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